Monday, April 23, 2012


These are two mandalas that I made for an independent study with David Crane in the art department.  My goal was to create a mandala with this "dream catcher"  geometry with a natural/ocean impression.  The border is to give contrast to the natural look of the circle, to give the sense of ripples of water in clear shallow tropical ocean. 

The other mandala is based on the "flower of life", a geometry that has significance in many spiritual traditions, including Judaism.  Both of these mandalas are meant to be installed on a wall like tiles and grouted, filling in the seams with a color suited to the design.  I am pretty sure that the "flower of life" piece will be installed with black grout, that is why I laid the black paper behind it. 

All and all I feel that they were a success.  I hope you enjoy them.  :)
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