Friday, January 27, 2012

Exploring Ceramics

I decided to take Ceramics, because I wanted to gain an appreciation for the material in relation to its origins and ways to manipulate it for functional purposes. As a child, I liked to work with polymer clay to create beads, animal figurines, and other little trinkets. Once I started taking art classes in high school that dealt with natural clay, I became fascinated with it. I was making advanced objects like mugs and bowls that I used. Learning new techniques and creating those projects in this class will be extremely rewarding to me as an artist.

Last semester, I had to do a statistics project that involved the local Blacksburg Farmers' Market. One vendor made plates, bowls, and all sorts dinnerware of objects out of clay. He kept to a theme of using a  blue glaze. I loved his work and would like to own a piece one day, but couldn't find any on the website. I posted two pictures below to give you an idea as to what his work looked like. His style was more so of the bottom picture with touches of lighter blue glaze in the top picture.

Here are the links to the websites for the pictures.

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