Monday, March 14, 2011

Sample of Pottery From the Southeast

The first set of links I'd like to share references the North Georgia Folk Pottery Museum. I came across this link while talking with my parents about their pottery collection. Although there are not many pictures of the collections, I thought the building was quite exciting! The building is designed to incorporate the local architectural vernacular and to respond to environmental conditions and sun angles to offer the best environment for "protecting and presenting a collection of folk pottery."

The folk Pottery Museum:

The architect, Robert Cain:

For several years my parents have been collecting pottery from artists throughout the southeast United States.
The two criteria they use when selecting pottery are that the piece be unique or that the piece be functional, and sometimes both! After cataloging their collection over spring break, I interpret their definition of "unique" to correspond mainly to the glazing treatment as one can see most of their pieces are bowls of various shapes. Their collection also contains a few European pieces they have received as gifts over the years.

Links to some of the artists from the collection.
Misty Mountain Pottery, Chuck Hanes:

Goat Barn Pottery, TJ Stevens:

Smoke in the Mountains Pottery, Kim and Rob Withrow:

Hoffman Pottery, David and Sherry Hoffman:

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